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Rodent Control

In Upstate New York there are two things that we will never
be without: 1 ) hard cold winters and 2 ) fall rodent invasions. Mice, while looking to avoid our cold winter weather every year, find their way into thousands of homes across our region.

These pests are unsanitary and unwelcome house guests that can be prevented. Our complete rodent service will provide you with peace of mind, knowing your family and home are protected from these unwanted pests.


  • Our service comes with a 6 month "Return Service Guarantee."
  • An exterior inspection, which includes sealing up small gaps, cracks, holes, etc.
  • Rodenticide (baiting) inaccessible areas, such as walls, voids, burrows, attics, and crawl-spaces.
  • Rodenticides may also be placed in basements and garages, contained in tamper resistant bait stations to prevent child and pet access. (Please call for details on servicing for rats.)
Joslyn Pest Control - Rodent Control
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