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Joslyn Pest Control, INC.
Residential Maintenance
Plan (R.M.P.)

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Joslyn Pest Control: Residential Maintenance Plan
Joslyn Pest Control: R.M.P.
Joslyn Pest Control
Joslyn Pest Control
Joslyn Pest Control Home Protection
Joslyn Pest Control Protection
Josly Pest Control Residential Maintenance Plan
Joslyn Pest Control: Commercial

Residential Maintenance Plan

The preventative approach to residential pest control. The R.M.P. will provide home owners with a service that will protect your home from pest infestation year round.


Target Pests

Our pest control programs cover virtually all possible insects that can infest, feed, or reproduce within your home. Service for mice and rats is also included. Some of the more common pests included are:

   •  Ants •  Cockroaches
   •  Fleas •  Yellow Jackets
   •  Mice •  Rats
   •  Wasps •  Bees
   •  Hornets •  Centipedes
   •  Millipedes •  Boxelder bugs
   •  Spiders •  Cluster flies
   •  Lady Bugs •  And More!

Pests that can infest stored products are also included, such as flour beetles, Indian meal moths, and grain insects.

The Plan

Whatever the state of your home, know that Joslyn Pest Control has you covered. During our routine service visits, we will target the pests that are problematic at your home.


During each service visit, an inspection will be made to selected areas of your home. We will inspect for pest activity, entrance points, harborage areas and any problem. Items found during inspection will be reported to you, along with recommendations, on our residential Inspection Report.

Pest Monitoring

Monitoring of selected pests with the use of glue traps, when applicable, is included. This process helps to locate and identify pests or potential pest problems. It also enables us to select the proper application technique to treat for the pest.

Pest Proofing

Filling in minor cracks or openings along foundation and utility access points will be provided to prevent pest entry. Pest proofing plays an important role in successfully eliminating pests.

Rodent Control

All rodent control devices are dated and routinely checked. The devices are cleaned and baited during each service visit, or as designated by your program. Click here for more information on .

Pesticide Application

Pesticide application is needed to prevent , control, and eliminate specific unwanted pests. All pesticides are carefully chosen, applied, and monitored.

Return Service Guarantee

If a pest problem should continue within the guarantee period ,upon request, we will return to your property and provide additional service at no extra charge. We will return as often as needed, within the guarantee period, to continue to work at correcting a pest problem.


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